Congratulations to IPFSC skaters
passing USFS  tests in September!

Joshua Lau - Solo Preliminary Dance Test
Sofia Anderson - Solo Preliminary Dance Test
Amanda Wilson - Solo Pre-Gold Dance Test
Edmund Geswein - Adult Silver Free Skating
Gregoire Jacob - Adult Bronze Moves
Karla Shelton - Adult Bronze Moves
Jack Chistyakov - Adult Bronze Moves
Sophia Samuels - Preliminary Moves
Maeva Chapman - Pre-Juvenile Moves
Sage Kerst - Novice Moves

Edmund Geswein - Adult Gold Moves

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Testing News

Test Chairperson Contact Information

Frank Anderson

Scheduled IPFSC Testing Dates

Next session - January 2020, Check  Back for date and time

Test Forms are available Here:

 Moves in the Field, Freeskating, and Pairs Test Application

Dance Test Application

Click here for Information on How to Prepare for a Test

Procedure for Placement on a Test Session

1) Test application and appropriate fees must be in the hands of the test chair at least 3 weeks prior to desired test date.

2) Test sessions are filled on a first come, first served basis.

3) Application and fees may be mailed to the test chair.

4) Applicants may request to be placed on a standby list. Standby priority will be Home Club members first, Second Club members and then non-club member.

Securing Officials for a Test Session

1) Due to the distance our club is from the closest officials and due to the high demand for officials to judge tests, the highest official secured for the test session will determine the level of tests that can be tried.

2) The test chair will make every effort to attain the appropriate level of official based on applications received.

3) If you are testing intermediate or higher, or any dance, please contact the test chair at least four weeks in advance so we can locate appropriate judges.

4) Any test application received after the deadline will only be accepted at the discretion of the test chair under the following conditions: (a) The session is not full, (b) Only if the proper level official has been acquired.

5) If an official has been secured for the test session and does not have the necessary credentials for the applicant's test, the applicant will be notified and placed on the next test session.

Scheduling of Test Sessions

1) Dates are determined based on available ice time, test chair's schedule and the availability of officials.

2) Test sessions must have enough applicants to complete a minimum of 1 1/2 hour.